Property Management Services

Successful Property Management
For success in managing your property, the tenant must fulfill two important objectives.

  • Pay rent on time
  • Keep the property maintained

To do this, we must implement five very important procedures for these objectives to be met.

  • Careful tenant selection
  • Proper tenancy set up
  • Strict rent control
  • Periodic inspections of the house and grounds
  • A thorough final inspection of the premises

We find in most cases a potential tenant will lodge their details only when they are interested in a particular property that is coming available, or is available now. Therefore to generate interest, effective marketing is a must.

  • Our office information sheet is placed in our office for all walk in queries.
  • Media advertising is placed in the local newspaper.
  • The property is placed onto our website with a description of features, along with a photo of the property.
  • We advertise in all leading real estate sites ie; and


Tenant Selection
Successful Property Management starts with careful tenant selection, we must lay a good foundation for a successful tenancy. At Elders, we pride ourselves on our careful tenant selection.

  • Their application form is checked carefully, identification received and information collated to make the right recommendation.
  • It is company policy that the landlord has the final say on an applicant.
  • We would rather wait for the right tenant than compromise our reputation by placing a tenant that we are uncertain with how they will perform.


Tenancy Start Legal Forms
The legal forms are carefully explained, signed with copies handed to the tenant.

  • The Residential Tenancy Lease.
  • Special Terms and Conditions
  • Any Pet Lease Agreement (if approved by the Landlord).
  • Bond Lodgement Form.
  • Ingoing Condition Report.
  • Residential Tenancies Information Booklet

Only once this is completed are the keys handed to the tenant. A house must be built on a proper and firm foundation. The tenancy must also start on a sound and proper foundation!


Strict Rent Control
At Elders we pride ourselves in that we follow up late rent payments in a unique way to other Property Management agencies. We believe that rent arrears are only brought effectively under control by:

  • Regular contact by phone or personally meeting the tenant to obtain a commitment when the rent is recorded as 5 – 9 days behind.
  • Active follow up with the tenant if the rent is not paid according to their commitment.
  • We do not wait until the tenant is 14 days behind for the first contact in just serving the required legal forms.


Property Inspections
Periodic Inspections are conducted according to state requirements. We first send the tenant a letter advising of the inspection, along with a guide of what we require. Periodic Inspections are essential for ensuring:

  • The tenant is keeping the premises reasonably clean.
  • Maintaining the grounds.
  • Maintenance is noted as pointed out by the tenant and as observed by the Property Manager.
  • Recommendations for improvements.

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